Our Process


The most important part of the process is to establish a solid relationship with our clients, ensuring we have a clear idea of time, cost and quality considerations. Whether your requirements are simple or elaborate, we help establish ideas, develop concepts and transform the vision.

Transforming your workplace into an environment that drives productivity inspires creativity and a sense of fun.Transforming your shops into a unique and memorable retail experience.

One that will drive sales and focus on instilling customer awareness and loyalty through your own unique brand personality.


Let’s meet

This will give you an opportunity to see if you like us, you might not..

It’s a bit like a blind date, we can go for coffee or a beer and see if we could work together… once we’re ok with that bit the rest should be a doddle.

At a very early stage, it can be easy to pre-empt disasters… we can adapt and overcome any hidden costly nasties. An early survey, intuition and some diligence on site is key to ensuring a fast track, smooth process.

It’s also important to understand the cost implications associated with aspects of your design that you can’t see.

Costs can spiral in an old building and taking the lid off an enormous can of worms can be a costly and stressfull experience.

Silverfox Design and Build will help you with all of this all of the way.


The plan

At this point it’s hard not to fizz over with excitement. Ideas are in freeflow and everyone wants creative input… nothing wrong with that, and isn’t that how all great concepts are born? But at some point we need to rationalise and develop a workable format. We will start looking for key decisions and we need to know we are asking the right person.

Silverfox Design and Build will introduce you to the ‘Overture’ – our preliminary checklist of all the fundimentals, variables and considerations. This will ensure that ideas fit, the building works and your brand and identity organically and seamlessly mesh together.

Plans always change and that’s what being creative is about. We know this and remain forever flexible to the process.


The specifics

The gold gilt edged mirror in the toilets, the distance from the MD’s office to the coffee machine or the giant chandelier hanging over the sales counter.

The needs and wants that will help us to draw up a ‘scope of works’. Occupancy numbers reflect on toilets and desk layout. Room for expansion, IT and climate control all have hidden specifics that we need to slot in too.

Everyone wants to see all the nice things that they’ve spent their money on but a large proportion of any fit out cost goes on systems and services to make it all work. As early as possible Silverfox Design and Build will outline these costs for you so you know what you’ve got left to spend on blinds and rugs or a Monet for the board room.


The programme

If you want to try to fit out an entire office over the weekend then we are probably not right for you.

We fully understand that time scales can be tight and the need to get ‘in’ as soon as possible runs high. We want the whole process to be smooth, stress free and fun at the same time. When there is a tight but realistic time frame we work smarter to allocate the right resources and push to get early decisions in order to achieve the result.

Some seemingly smooth projects can be held up by endless deliberation from the very people that are paying the bill..

Silverfox Design and Build will present you with an easy to read construction programme so we can all count down the days to popping the corks.


The detail

Some of it boring but some of it so exciting. The list of decisions to make is endless. Some of which are purely functional and practical like where to locate the air con controllers or the right side of a wall for a light switch.

We’ve done all of this before and have plenty of time and cost saving tricks up our sleeve. We don’t cut corners but choose a proven and pragmatic approach to the boring bits that will make your work life an unusual pleasure.

Now this is where we could get carried away.. Real wood? Tranquil Dawn or Shimmering Sunset? The options are endless and you can let your reins go for a bit. Some of these design details will have a practical consideration to them too. Again we’ll help steer you in the right direction if needed.

Every detail will be on a drawing and all costs counted. Silverfox Design and Build offer fixed price contracts and we stick to it. So you are safe in the knowledge that your project will be a triumph and you won’t have blown the budget.

Matching and surpassing expectation is what we are all about and every new project is a personal achievement for us. We want your staff or customers to be bowled over by where they work or be truly inspired to spend their money with you.


The delivery

Costs, details, a payment plan agreed and signed off and we’ll get going. We’re fastidious about our site set up, logistics and cleanliness all ensuring adhesion to health and safety procedures, welfare of our contractors and a smooth and efficient construction programme.

Site meetings with key relevant personnel once a week. With project management meetings documented to cover any changes, additions or second thoughts on colours.

We are forever flexible and understand well the need for changes and last minute ideas. We will be straight talking with you if we feel it will hold up the project too much, the costs are too prohibitive or we think that you’re being just plain silly.

Silverfox Design and Build can hold your hand through the daunting days and you can be involved as much
as you choose, just don’t get in the way..

We try to keep our snagging list to a minimum completing finishes as we go. Covering and protecting surfaces to minimise wear and damage before you move in. We can help you with the logistics of moving in and ensuring right up to the last minute that the process is flawless.

Quotation open

Working with SilverFox was an unusual pleasure – working with builders shouldn’t be this harmonious. From start to finish the whole team were completely involved with the project.

Working through onsite issues and queries, always looking at solutions which met our budget and in many cases, Andy offered money-saving alternatives.

We will be approaching them for all our future build requirements.
The experience was that good!

Spring Studios

Quotation open

We needed to find a design and build company which was large enough to handle the work but small enough to retain communication and flexibility, Silverfox fitted the bill. The fit out of our new warehouse and offices was completed to a high standard, delivered on time…

Total Disk Repair Ltd

Quotation open

Silverfox has carried out extremely competently a wide variety of tasks over the last ten years. Their huge bandwidth of knowledge and approach to a project always ensure a high-quality end product. We’ve never been disappointed. Whether a large project or small, a facilities management issue or simply small works, Silverfox have proved themselves time and time again.

Snow and Rock Group of Companies

Quotation open

We contracted Silverfox to renovate our offices covering a wide range of requirements and have been extremely pleased with the quality of work produced. In all of our dealings Silverfox they have proven to be efficient, reliable, flexible and above all good value for money

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