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About Silverfox Design & Build

No nonsense, straight talking, dependable, reliable. That was us blowing our own trumpet…

Silverfox Design and Build are a family run business with over 15 years experience. We deliver exactly what our clients envisage and quite often way beyond. Being relatively small (but perfectly formed) we have an entire customer-focused approach.

We rarely take on more than one project at a time which means that your project gets our sole attention. We don’t take on projects with unrealistic timescales, budgets or aspects which could compromise our standards.

We are also a very personable bunch, going out of our way to ensure a solid relationship with our clients in order to fully understand their dreams and visions.

Clients with unlimited frivolous budgets are always welcome but we know that is not the case for most. We strive continuously to bring down costs whilst still achieving fantastic results. It’s easy to get carried away with extravagant and unnecessary design features… we are good at reigning it in and offering a creative, pragmatic solution to suit every budget.

We can’t keep our hands off… when we take on a project regardless of size it becomes ours as well as yours. From design drawings and structural steelwork to plumbing and pointing lights in the right direction, we pride ourselves on getting our hands dirty and getting the job done. We run a tight ship and whoever has our name on their shirt always works to our ethics and standards.

Our Process

The most important part of the process is to establish a solid relationship with our clients, ensuring we have a clear idea of time, cost and quality considerations. Whether your requirements are simple or elaborate, we help establish ideas, develop concepts and transform the vision.


Transforming your workplace into an environment that drives productivity inspires creativity and a sense of fun.Transforming your shops into a unique and memorable retail experience.


Our Promise

At Silverfox Design and Build we love to chat and would like to know what you’ve got in mind. If you decide to use us then we can promise you the following:


A straight talking, cliche-free, no flim-flam approach. A detailed and fixed price project. Constant, consistent attention. Single point of contact and regular updates to exceed expectations.

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